MDDear All,

On the footsteps of our great ancestors who once were leading the world in the cradle of civilizations, and with a scientist and scholar name that the whole world still remembers and cherish, Jaber Bin Hayyan as prominent polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astrologer, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, pharmacist and physician.
I have established this company after almost 25 years of experience in the IT business in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa region. Having gone through this remarkable journey; I always believed that the culmination of my career should be in starting up an innovative and services-centric company. Looking at the IT landscape security was the obvious choice as it is one of the few domains that is growing and has service rich content with a lot of value add to system integrators such as Hayyan Horizons.
Besides building our own competencies in our HQ in Amman, we have partnered with leading IT security companies in the region to ensure that our portfolio of IT security solutions has the best in class components from each vendor and partner.
It is our vision to be the leading cybersecurity technology, services and solutions provider in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa Region, and we are taking concrete steps in that direction and I am confident that we will get there.
I appreciate your interest in our company and I look forward to serving you and partnering with your esteemed organization.

Best Regards,
Ali Tamimi
Founder and Managing Director