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Efficiently Build a Modern Security Operation

Selecting a platform upon which to build your security operation is one of the most important strategic decisions you’ll make. It has to meet your immediate needs and it has to scale over time. It shouldn’t require costly integrations or customizations to realize your goals. Modernize your security operations with the powerful and integrated capabilities of our Security Intelligence Platform.

LogRhythm’s Unified Security Intelligence Platform

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Security Intelligence Platform

Next-Gen SIEM

Modernize Your Threat Detection & Response

Intrusions happen, threats emerge—see them when they do and neutralize them fast. Our unified platform will modernize your security operations with big-picture visibility and actionable intelligence.

When an Intrusion Happens, Speed Matters

Your team has alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed. A data breach could be next.
Knowing what to investigate—and doing so quickly—is imperative.
From detection through response, our SIEM was built for speed.
Go faster with LogRhythm.

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Illuminate Real Threats

You’re worried that threats are slipping through the cracks. For the threats you can see, you’re concerned that you’re not focusing on the right ones.

LogRhythm’s comprehensive approach to security analytics gives you a holistic view. With our risk-based analytics, your team can focus on the most concerning threats.

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Uncover Actionable Data

You’re buried in data. The information is there, but you can’t see it. We can help you identify useful insights with Elasticsearch precision and our log management and big data analytics platform.

See Our Security Intelligence Maturity Model

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Network Monitoring & Network Forensics

See Threats Traversing Your Network

When attackers compromise the perimeter or are operating from within, you need to know. Evidence of intruders and insider threats lies within network communications. Detect network-based threats with real-time network monitoring and big data analytics. Expedite investigations by giving your incident responders access to rich network forensics data. Get the visibility you need with Network Monitor.

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Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics

Defend the Endpoint, Protect the Center

In just one click, a threat actor could compromise an endpoint through a spear phishing attack. Your internal servers are vulnerable to threats operating from within.

Traditional endpoint protection is no longer up to task. You need a second line of defense. Combining real-time endpoint monitoring with big-data analytics can detect advanced attacks and insider threats. This visibility also provides incident responders access to rich forensic data that can expedite investigations. Get the visibility you need with System Monitor.

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