Empower users and protect data – without sacrificing productivity

- Integrated CASB Functionality
Easily extend visibility and control to cloud applications, from shadow IT reporting to full control via inline (proxy) mode.

- Not Just URL Filtering
Don’t need your traffic forwarded to the cloud? Enable URL filtering in our leading Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), allowing for granular controls based on users and applications.

- Streamline Compliance
Meet the highest certification standards across data privacy laws and residency requirements in different jurisdictions—while allowing users to keep doing good things.

- Expand Internet Access for Roaming Users
Apply different policies when an employee connects from corporate and non-corporate locations with Forcepoint Web Security.

- Security and Protection Beyond the Endpoint
Extend your existing policies to mobile devices and protect them from Advanced Threats, mobile malware, phishing attacks, spoofing, and more with Web Security.

- ThreatSeeker Intelligence
Unite over 900 million endpoints (including inputs from Facebook), and with Forcepoint ACE security defenses, analyze up to five billion requests per day. This is the core collective intelligence for all Forcepoint products—managed by Forcepoint Security Labs.

- Enterprise-Grade DLP Protection
Forcepoint’s 9x Magic Quadrant leading DLP and integrated Incident Risk Ranking (IRR) can protect your data from people-based security incidents, including risk caused by accidental, compromised, and malicious insiders.

- Eliminate Crippling False Malware with AMD
Cloud sandboxing allows you to optimize remediation efforts for incident response teams with comprehensive and actionable intelligence—providing 100% efficacy in malware detection.

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The Forcepoint Email Security Advantage

- Real-Time Threat Protection
Real-time threat protection uses a unique blend of detection technologies, including machine learning, sandboxing, and predictive analytics to effectively stop advanced threats such as ransomware.

- Protection Against Highly Evasive Zero-Day Threats
Get advanced malware detection(sandboxing) with our full system emulation sandbox. Deep content inspection reveals highly evasive zero-day threat with no false positives.

- Powerful Encryption for Additional Protection
Encrypt sensitive email conversations and enhance mobile security by controlling sensitive attachments access by device.

- Incident Risk Ranking to Find the Greatest Risks
Incidents are correlated across multiple events to identify true cumulative risk trends and activity. A risk score is included to help security teams identify the greatest risks based on real-time activity.

- Integrated Data Loss Prevention
Integrated industry-leading data loss prevention stops data infiltration and exfiltration capabilities.

- Unique Phishing Education Feature
Use Forcepoint Email Security’s unique phishing education features to help users adopt best practices and identify those who need additional training to improve their security awareness.

- Complete Out-of-the-Box Solution
Forcepoint Email Security includes DLP, URL wrapping, and other capabilities that are considered premium "add-ons" or upgrades by many competitors, delivering the most comprehensive inbound and outbound defenses out of the box.

- Deployment Flexibility
How you deploy our email security solution is up to you. Choose from a range of physical and virtual appliances to leverage existing hardware, cloud deployment, or hybrid environments.

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NGFW- Next Generation Firewall

Enterprise SD-WAN Connectivity and NGFW Security for Distributed Enterprises

- Modular Appliances for Every Environment
Our broad range of appliances provide the right price-performance and form factor for each location; plugable interface cards let you change networks with ease.

- High Availability, Mixed Clustering
Active-active clustering lets you mix up to 16 different models of appliances for unrivaled scalability, longer lifecycles, and seamless updates without dropping packets.

- Multi-link Connectivity for SD-WAN
Broadband, wireless, and dedicated lines at each location can be centrally deployed and managed, providing full control over what traffic goes over each link with automated failover.

- Automated, Zero-Downtime Updates
Policy changes and software updates can be deployed to hundreds of firewalls and IPS devices around the world in minutes, not hours, without the need for service windows.

- Policy-Driven Centralized Management
Smart Policies describe your business processes in familiar terms and are automatically implemented throughout the network, managed in-house or via MSSP.

- Actionable, Interactive 360° Visibility
Graphical dashboards and visualizations of network activity go beyond simple reporting, enabling admins to drill into events and respond to incidents faster.

- Built-in NGFW, VPN, Proxies, and More
Unparalleled security comes standard, from top-ranked Next Generation Firewall and IPS to rapid-setup VPNs and granular decryption, as well as our unique Sidewinder proxy technology.

- Top-Ranked Anti-Evasion Defense
Multi-layer stream inspection defeats advanced attacks that traditional packet inspection can't detect—see for yourself in our Evader video series.

- Human-Centric Endpoint Context
Access policies can whitelist or blacklist specific endpoint apps, patch levels or AV status. Users' behaviors are consolidated into actionable dashboards.

- Unified Virtual and Physical Security
Native support for AWS, Azure and VMware has the same capabilities, management, and high performance of our physical appliances.

- CASB and Web Security
Our reknowned URL filtering and industry-leading cloud services work together to protect your data and people as they use apps and web content.

- Anti-Malware Sandboxing
Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection blocks previously undetected ransomware, zero-days, and other attacks before they steal sensitive data or damage your systems.

- APIs
Rich application programming interfaces enable SD-WAN and NGFWs to be integrated with orchestration, management, and third-party analysis infrastructure.

- Certifications
Forcepoint Next Gen Firewalls are rigourously tested to comply with major industry and government certification requirements.

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls/ Industry Analyst Report:
Forcepoint recognized as a Visionary for 2nd year in a row, in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for NGFW

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DLP-Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard Against Data Breaches
Follow your data across networks and devices—both at rest and in use. Create and enforce policies that provision the access and movement of data to prevent data breaches and help ensure compliance with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Simplest DLP to Deploy:

- Data Fingerprinting
Follow data with automatic application of controls, even when user devices are not on the network.

- Predefined Policy Library
Get started quickly with an extensive Policy Library that addresses common regulatory and IP protection use cases, including GDPR.

- Optical Character Recognition
Enables textual data, including PII and PHI, to be detected and extracted from images—such as source code, engineering drawings, M&A docs, and trade secrets.

- Automated Protection
Use file and email encryption with Forcepoint's DLP solution to automatically apply protection controls to sensitive or confidential files.

- Advanced Incident Workflow
Secure workflow notifications for data owners, providing users role-based access and data privacy on their mobile devices with DLP.

- Single Console Control
Set data loss prevention policies across your network and endpoints once, from a single console for your environment.

- Gain Visibility Into Microsoft Rights Management
Enable Microsoft Protection RMS to securely share information with partners. Automatically encrypt and decrypt using Microsoft Information Protection.

- Achieve Risk-Adaptive Protection
Leverage DLP within the Dynamic Data Protection solution to achieve automatic policy enforcement in a matter of seconds.

- Educate Data Owners to Protect Data
Dynamic in-action coaching to educate end-users on appropriate data use while using Forcepoint's DLP tool.

- Data Leakage Prevention
Detect and protect against low and slow data exfiltration and data leakage via print, email, cloud applications, and removable media.

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