Detect threats in real time and automate your investigation and response.

Focus on the alerts that matter. Fidelis Endpoint identifies compromised endpoints and automates your investigation and response by eliminating time-consuming manual steps so you triage and validate suspected incidents faster. Harvest rich system metadata from endpoints, correlate against Fidelis’ intelligence, threat reputation services and third-party threat intelligence feeds so you know which endpoints are compromised. When compromised endpoints are identified, you can automatically remediate them. Fidelis Endpoint provides the visibility, context and automation required to identify and stop security incidents as they are unfolding.

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Fidelis Endpoint

Next generation intrusion prevention at every stage of the attack lifecycle.

Organizations invest millions to build secure networks to keep highly motivated attackers out of their enterprises. Despite these investments, determined attackers routinely compromise seemingly secure organizations and steal their intellectual property, private data and financial information. Analysts in security operations centers (SOCs) and security teams are overwhelmed by alerts. As a result they often miss the most critical attacks or detect them long after vital data has been stolen.

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